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The Girl Who Said Yes

I had a coffee date with my best friend Jenny last January. We were talking about how much we’ve changed since high school and all that God has done in our lives the past few years. She said something that has really stuck with me the past few months:

“It’s been amazing seeing you go from being a shy, quiet girl to this bold woman in Christ. I think that God has always known that He has your ‘yes!’ Like there’s nothing that will make you want to leave Him. And I think you’ve known that too.”

I think people are passionate beings. We have gifts, abilities, interests and dreams that are fueled by passion. And something that I have realized about passion is that it requires a lot of time, energy, and devotion. The things we are passionate about can be really good things. But if we’re not careful they can easily be found sitting on the throne of our heart.

Everyone has a yes! to giveaway. Some give theirs to their favorite sports team. Some give theirs to their job and status in the work place. Some give theirs to their secret addictions. We all have a yes! to give away to something or someone. When I was 15 years old I gave my yes! to the only One who created me and knows me better than anyone else. My life hasn’t been easy, but at the end of every day I find comfort in knowing that the Who I gave my yes! to won’t let me down.

What or who have you given your yes! to?

Ashleigh Barry