Dream Center

Making Dreams Come True!

“You don’t need to cross an ocean or a border to be a missionary; you only need to cross your street”

How does it feel to go to bed hungry? How hard is it to go to school on an empty stomach? How does it feel to wear clothes that are old, worn and tattered? How does it feel to sleep on the floor? How does it feel to be looked upon as poor? How does it feel to be ignored?

These were questions we had, as well as; how can we help? So we crossed the street into the Edgewater District in October of 2003 to find out. Once there, we learned answers and learned that the only way to help someone is to “love them until they ask why.” They only way to have a lasting impact is to follow Christ’s example and build long-term relationships.

Youth Program: Junior’s Story

When we met Junior he was a little boy filled with anger. He was written off by the school and by many people in his life. He was only eight. He only knew of one way to survive; to fight. All Junior could see was the pain of poverty, violence and oppression until he came to Dream Center and we began to love him unconditionally.

We worked with Junior to help him see past poverty and to build his self-esteem. We helped him understand why he became angry, and we showed him how to deal with the pain, stress, and anger. Mostly though, we simply loved him. One day Junior asked us why. It was that day that he committed his life Christ and he was changed. He is now a peer leader who makes A’s and B’s. Instead of fighting, he breaks up the fights. With a servant’s heart, he is always helping without being asked. Junior always was a leader. Now he is the right kind of leader; a leader for Christ. Junior is only one of many stories of a life changed by volunteers simply showing up on a Saturday and pouring Christ love into kids starving for love.

Neighborhood Outreach: Richard’s Story

The first person we met in Edgewater was Richard, a former biker and recovering drug addict. He looked like he stepped out of ZZ Top. Richard was a man of many firsts. First to ask us into his home, first to receive prayer, and first to receive Christ. How did we reach him and lead him to Christ?

Simple… love. We loved him without condition. We became friends and build a solid relationship. It was then that he asked why. He thought his past had disqualified him. He felt God could not forgive him and believed that he was not needed.

We helped Richard see that he was exactly who God wanted, needed and loved and that God loved him exactly as he was. Richard saw how the Dream Center volunteers lived and he wanted that. By the grace of God, he got that and more.

His story doesn’t stop there. The impact he had on his friends has brought at least 35 people to Jesus Christ. It all started with knocking on his door. Richard is just one of many stories of adult’s lives that have been changed simply by loving him until he asked why.

To make dreams come true… that is Dream Center!

Outreach Descriptions

Stepping out in Faith at the Edge!

The stories of lives changed for Christ in Edgewater are numerous and amazing. What is more amazing is that we don’t preach. We don’t even carry bibles. All we do is love people, and then they ask us why? Its then we tell them about Christ. St. Francis of Assisi once said; “Preach the gospel continuously, when necessary, use words”. That is Dream Center.

Do you want to impact a life? Do you want to make a dream come true?

Come join us on Saturdays and pour Christ love into young lives through reading, crafts, sports and more. Join us on field trips, home visits, food delivery trips and more as we build relationships.

Youth Program & Neighborhood Outreach

Saturdays from 9:30AM to 12:00PM at Walker Middle School, located at 1075 8th Street NW in west Salem.

Monthly Outreach

Food, clothing and furniture delivery throughout the week. To be in the loop you can join the Salem Dream Center Facebook Fan page, follow us on Twitter or check out the Dream Center Calendar on CCB. If you would like to be on the Dream Center email list let us know.


Field trips and Special Events. Events, dates and times posted on our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and the Dream Center Calendar on CCB

Craig Oviatt – Outreach Pastor

Dream Center Q&A

Q. If I volunteer, how long do I need to commit to serve at Dream Center?

A. You don’t. You come when you are able.

Q. Do I need some special training?

A. No, just be able to love people, we will show you the ropes.

Q. Do I need to be able to quote scripture or anything like that?

A. No, just be able to love people.

Q. Am I qualified?

A. Yes. If you believe in Christ and believe his word says you are to serve, you are qualified.

Q. Will I be left alone?

A. No, we have awesome volunteers who will serve right along side of you.

Q. What will I get to do?

A. What do you want to do? You follow your passion. You do what excites you. We will never make you do something that you are not comfortable with. No Warm Body Ministry at Dream Center! We are about passion, not obligation.

Q. Can I really make a difference?

A. Yes. We do it by example, not with words. It’s like this; how do you get a person who has been hurt to believe God that is good? Preach at them, Read it to them, Tell them! No you show them. Let them see Gods people loving without expectation or condition and then people will see our God is good.

Q. Is it safe?

A. We have never had one problem; we have God and a legion of Angels with us every step of the way.

Q. Is it hard to get plugged in?

A.No is it simple. We have everything organized and easy to do. Do you want to play board games? Want to read, help with a craft or play sports in the gym? Do you want to sit and talk with a child? It’s simple!

Q. If the people don’t accept Christ, do you treat them differently?

A. No. We will love them and there is nothing they can do about it.

What We Believe

  • We believe that outreach should be a lifestyle, not an event.
  • We believe outreach should be a desire, not an obligation.
  • We believe God is asking for each of us to do our individual part, and together as the body of Christ, we will accomplish amazing things for Christ.
  • We believe our mission is not to complete Gods unfinished business, but it is our mission to get it going.
  • We believe if we plant the seeds, God will do the rest.
  • We believe Matthew 25:31-46 (We do it because it’s him!)
  • We believe Matthew 28:16-20 (It’s the Great Commission, not Suggestion!)
  • We believe God has given you passions and gifts that we need to complete our mission.
  • We believe God has a place for you to serve at West Salem Foursquare Outreach.
  • We believe now is the time, this is the place, and you are the one who can make an impact.
  • We believe you are going to love being part of ministries that make an impact.
  • We believe your life will be changed once you step out in faith and serve.
  • We believe your faith will grow, as will your relationship with Christ serving on the Edge.
  • We believe miracles still happen when we step out in faith and serve on the Edge where light pushes back at darkness.