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How does a movement start? What really makes something “go viral?” Pastor John shares four key ideas from the book of Acts that foster growth.


Pastor John takes through Acts Chapter 27 and Paul’s journey to Rome.


Pastor John builds upon last weeks message on giving and takes us to the next step, generosity.


Pastor John discusses our cultures attitude towards Money and Possessions. He also presents us with a challenge to be go all in with our giving.

Lead Me To The Cross

What is the cross? Is it a simple relic? This week pastor John Fehlen tackles the question: what is the cross really?


Have you ever hit a storm in life that was so bad you felt like you were going to drown? Jesus’ disciples faced this fear on more than one occasion. But Jesus had a plan to not only get them through the storm but strengthen them in it. When our conditions threaten to take us…

Keys to Spiritual Productivity

Do what Jesus says and does, avoid fruitless time and energy killers, monitor you life with wisdom and Gods will, and other thoughts from Pastor John out of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Pay It Forward

Wally Ybarra discusses the concept of “Paying it Forward” Straight from the story of David and Goliath.

Write With God

Pastor Penne Ryan shares some of her experiences straight from the pages of her journals as we begin our new series, “Hot off the Press.”

Despicable Me

Pastor John Fehlen wraps up our series “I am Jonah,” with a hard look at the attitudes that define Jonah and maybe ourselves as well.

God of Second Chances

In Jonah Chapter 3 we ask, “What happens when an entire capital city responds to a prophets warnings?” They experience the God of second chances.

In a Fish and a Heart Place

As we take a look at Jonah chapter 2, what do we find when you’re in a fish and a heart place?