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Amazed Part 7

Pastor Jonathan talks about Jesus’ healing ministry and how it amazed those around him.

Amazed Part 6

Jesus walks on water and the disciples are amazed. Pastor John examines this passage of scripture and talks about Peters attempt to follow Jesus out onto the water.

Amazed Part 5

Pastor John looks at the passage of scripture where Jesus returns to his hometown.

Amazed Part 4

Pastor John talks about the passage in Mark when Jesus helps an outcast of society and the results amazed everyone.

Amazed Part 3

Pastor Katie talks about the man on the mat that was brought before Jesus to be healed and how many were amazed at His power not only to heal but to forgive sins.

Amazed Part 2

Pastor John talks about the authority of Jesus’ teaching and how it amazed those around him.

Amazed Part 1

Pastor John starts our new series Amazed and talks about the power of Jesus’ resurrection and what that means for us.

Good Friday

Join Rich Marshall, Natalie Morris, Eric Baker, Katie Buck, Mark Burrows, Kekeli Gbofu, Josh Miller, and Joan English as they share at our Good Friday Service.


Pastor John concludes our series WORSHIP.


Is there a wrong way to worship? Why do we raise our hands, sing, clap our hands and bow in worship? Pastor John and Jason talk about the practical elements of worship in the context of West Salem Foursquare Church by looking at the Psalms as our guide.


What is worship? Why do we or why should we worship? Pastor Jason continues in our 4 part series WORSHIP and tackles these questions.


Pastor John kicks off our new series: WORSHIP