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Pastor John kicks off our new series: WORSHIP

Stretch Out Your Hands

Pastor John talks about being vulnerable with God to allow him to heal us.

YT&F: Forever

Pastor Rich finishes up our series Yesterday, Today and Forever and talk about letting Jesus guide us into our forever.

YT&F: Today

Pastor Jonathan Lewellyn continues in our series Yesterday, Today & Forever and talks about how Jesus interrupts our “today”, knows our true name and calls us by that name.

YT&F: Yesterday

Pastor John starts off our new series Yesterday, Today and Forever.

Staying Power Part 2

When are you most passionate? Why is your relationship with Jesus important? How do you finish strong? Pastor John finishes up our Staying Power series and addresses these questions and more.

Staying Power Part 1

Pastor John starts our new series Staying Power.

This Is Us Part 3: Simplicity

Pastor John urges us to look at our lives, edit down what we are doing and place Jesus at the center. In a culture that is all about choice can we make Jesus our priority?

This Is Us Part 2: Authenticity

Pastor John continues in our series This Is Us and talks about the importance of being authentic with each other and realizing that it all starts with understanding our equality at the foot of the cross.

This Is Us Part 1: Unity

Pastor John starts our new series “This Is Us”.


Pastor John warps up our NEHEMIAH series and challenges us to recommit to the things God has called us to.

Jingle JAM 2016

Our Children’s Ministry takes over the¬†service for a Christmas extravaganza!