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New Tape Measure

A few months back I bought a new tape measure. Now to give you a little perspective, I’m by no means a handy person. The tape measure just happened to come in a tool set that I bought on the off chance I decided to become handy. However, I already own a tape measurer. I’m familiar with it and nothing is wrong with it. Because of this, the new one stays in it’s package, unused until I find something wrong with the old one.

New years are much like my new tape measure. Although the calendar year changes, I typically live life in the same routines as the old year until I find something wrong with the old ones. But the speed of life doesn’t always allow for the introspection needed to determine if my old routines are good ones, or just familiar ones.

As one year ends and another begins, would you join me in slowing down for a few moments and reflecting on the routines you’ve built to help you grow as a follower of Jesus, a spouse, a friend, a parent, co-worker and any other role you find yourself walking in?  Are your routines helping you grow or merely keeping you comfortable? If they exist merely for comfort, let this be the year you step out a little more into the unknown and trust God to expand your capacity for more of Him in and through your life.

Here is to a year of new growth in your life!

Happy New Year!

Cris Buck

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